Okay can I talk about my binder for a sec?

I’m a 34D, so all binders are awkward for me. Small band, large cup. So I never get quite flat, but some lumpy monstrosity with underboob poking out. But this one gets me the closest to flat while being the most comfortable binder I own.

And it looks like a tanktop!! And it was $10!!

It’s got stretchy bits on one side, and a line of bra-like clasps on the other that you can adjust to three different sizes, again like a bra. I didn’t overheat or even really sweat even when wearing it under a shirt in early summer pre-storm humidity. And once you get yourself situated just right, you can’t tell the tank is actually a binder.

Bam. Awesome.


EDIT: Here’s the link!

EDIT 2: I am wearing a size small in the pics. Also, the packaging it comes in is fairly discreet, doesn’t have any telltale wording on it.

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